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Dr. James Sightler, M.D., pediatrician and author, from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the nations #1 medical school, prompted by his 36 year career observing linguistic development, highly recommends the linguistic and historical research in In Awe of Thy Word. He writes:

My wholehearted endorsement is given to Dr. Gail Riplinger's new book, In Awe of Thy Word. Its subtitle, Understanding the King James Bible, Its History and Mystery, Letter by Letter, tells us that it is concerned with the smallest elements of language as it is conveyed by the Bible, with the alphabet itself and simple phonemes. The book expounds the use of these in the Bible as no other book has ever done. The very smallest of these elements, letters, vowels, consonants, and syllables, were given to us by God. The nature of the letters and syllables and their arrangement into sequences are crucial to making the meaning of words and passages intelligible to us, so that they stand alone without need of lexicon or commentary.

In this new book Dr. Riplinger ingeniously, with both text and graphics, illustrates many examples of the precise and metrical combination of syllables and words in the King James Bible into poetic orders which naturally capture and hold our attention and are sublime in character. She has shown with many previously unreported quotes exactly what Wycliffe, Tyndale, and Coverdale believed about the vernacular nature and inspiration of the Bible. There is a complete recounting of the true thought of Erasmus, his feelings about vernacular Bibles, and his attitude toward the Roman Church. The breadth of information supplied is truly remarkable, and we are greatly indebted to her for her work.

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Harvard linguist, translator, and Divinity School graduate, Dr. John Hinton Ph.D., writes:

"In conclusion, In Awe of Thy Word is a valuable contribution to the body of works defending our King James Bible. I, for one, learned a great deal by studying its pages, and expect to make much use of both it and the CD set as a reference sources in the future." ...

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Clemson University (retired English and Latin instructor), Polly Powell, writes regarding In Awe of Thy Word:

"You will find this a 'hard to put down' book."

In Awe of Thy Word is an amazing accumulation, actually a collage of facts on the Authorized Bible (KJV) ...

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Scientist, astronomer and Professor at Baldwin-Wallace University, Dr. Gerardus Bouw, Ph.D., reviewed In Awe of Thy Word for the internationally circulated journal, The Biblical Astronomer. His two page review begins by noting that the 1200 page book is certainly, "worthy of your attention."

He closes his glowing review noting, "Watch the English language and its Holy Bible unfold before your very eyes," says the advertisement. This is done by showing in red, the letters and sounds which bind the words of each successive Bible from the Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, pre-Wycliffe, Tyndale, Coverdale, Great, Geneva, and Bishops' to the King James Bible. The book lives up to its hype."

He adds, "An In Awe of Thy Word CD is also available in a 3 CD set with a searchable version of the book, plus the Nuremberg Polyglot of A.D. 1599, a parallel Bible in Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, Latin, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish, German, English, Polish, and Bohemian. As if that weren't enough, the set also includes both volumes of the Erasmus commentary on the New Testament, The Tome of the Paraphrase of Erasmus upon the New Testament, with parallel text from the Gret Bible of 1540. There is also a copy of the King James Bible, searchable by letter groups, word, or phrase. Finally, there is a copy of The Acts and Monuments by John Foxe, all eight volumes - nearly 6000 pages - of Foxe's Book of Martyrs, originally written in 1563."

Author, David W. Daniels, has Masters and Bachelors degrees in Linguistics and Theology, with three additional summers studying at the Summer Institute of Linguistics. He reviewed In Awe of the Word saying,

"Riplinger's new book is a weighty volume and provides more overwhelming evidence of how God went about preserving his words in the KJV....Riplinger's evidence is powerful, early testimony of the purity of the KJV....Citing hundreds of passages from documents largely ignored by historians, Riplinger proves that a pure version of the scriptures was agreed upon as early as 100 A.D. and copies began to follow trade routes north and west as missionaries took up the great commission."

Bestselling author and former University of Texas professor, Texe Marrs, writes regarding In Awe of Thy Word:

"This massive encyclopedic work demolishes the false claims of those who oppose and attempt to besmirch the King James Verions of the Holy Bible...In Awe of Thy Word adeptly answers hundreds of questions you may have about the KJV...Like New Age Bible Versions before it, this book, too, will prove to be a classic!"

Missionary to Japan and spearhead of the Japanese Bible Project, Larry Hagen, writes about In Awe of Thy Word:

"The resources, materials and research put into this writing, with the author's wit, plainness, and labors, has to be the most amazing writing on the King James ever put together...This book will be a blessing to all...It is well worth the investment in purchasing and taking the time to read."

The world's largest KJV bookstore is directed by Dwight Gullion. He comments concerning In Awe of Thy Word:

"The new book by G.A. Riplinger is the most unique in this field that I have ever encountered...It must be seen to be believed...Reading this book has given me a greater love, appreciation , and desire for God's word. It will for you too." gives In Awe of Thy Word a 5 star rating, noting the following review:

"God's ways are far above our ways!, September 10, 2004
Reviewer: Gordon Hammerle "VoiceCrying" (Lebanon, OH USA) -

Wow! That's what I've said on just about every page. When studying the Bible, throw away your dictionary - even the Webster 1828 - and your commentaries. Throw away your bible dictionaries. God built it all in. Compare scripture to scripture. Study the word to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed. This book does an excellent job on explaining how to determine the meaning of words by comparing them to other scriptures and not by looking them up in a dictionary made by human hands. Don't be lazy - read this book and really learn how to study the word!"

British and European Parliament member, the venerable Ian Paisley, posted this reader-comment on his web site

"If you haven't picked up Gail Riplinger's "In Awe of Thy Word," it's one of the best $25.00 I have ever spent. The last half of the book gives research that is invaluable."

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