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Clemson University (retired English and Latin instructor), Polly Powell, writes regarding In Awe of Thy Word:

In Awe of Thy Word is an amazing accumulation, actually a collage of facts on the Authorized Bible (KJV). Passage comparisons with the newer corrupt translations and paraphrases, which are shockingly eye-opening, together with wonderful assurance of the correctness, precision and incomparable beauty of the KJV, are all here, as is an invaluable study of the lives of those responsible for the translation of the Authorized Bible, from Erasmus and James I, through the translators themselves.

The reader can clearly discern the vast differences between the lives of the paraphrasers and translations of the modern corrupt bible versions and those of the spiritual and scholarly giants of the King James Bible who, interestingly, wrote at a time when knowledge of the English language was at its height, who gave us a book timeless, holy, and supernatural, the word of God for the English-speaking people. You will find this a 'hard to put down' book.

[Dr. Hinton holds a Masters from Harvard Divinity School in Near Eastern and South Asian Studies, a B.A. in Arabic, Summa cum laude with Honors and Distinction, 2nd major in South Asian Studies, Minor in Persian, with an International Studies Certificate from the Ohio State University. Having been a Ph.D student in the Near Eastern Languages Department of Harvard University, Dr. Hinton is now a professional translator in Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Urdu and other languages for translation companies, attorneys and corporations. He is a scholar in virtually every language relevent to early biblical translation (Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, Samaritan, Coptic, Armenian, Georgian, Gothic, Latin, and Old English, as well as Spanish, French, Italian and German. He completed a "Year In India Program" in Benaris, India, where he studied Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Arabic. He completed the Summer Intensive program in Hindi and Urdu at the University of Wisconsin, as well as a Summer Arabic program at Yarmouk Univeristy in Irbid, Jordan. He currently uses his linquistic training and skills in a linguistic-based ministry devoted to the translation and reprinting of King James equivalent Bibles throughout the world.]

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