2 Riplinger Bestsellers + FREE Niteline DVD

G.A. Riplinger


Receive FREE DVD of Riplinger's  90-minute Niteline interview, when you purchase Riplinger's two bestsellers,

  • New Age Bible Versions (707 pages)
  • In Awe of Thy Word: Understanding the King James Bible, Its Mystery and History, Letter By Letter (hardback 1,200 pages)

This DVD sells separately for $24.95.

It is a 90-minute interview, with author Gail Riplinger, on a nationally televised Christian program.

This  DVD answers many questions that new versions users have.

This Riplinger video has gone all around the world converting many precious souls to the KJV. 

A compassionate presentation.

  • $19.95   New Age Bible Versions
  • $39.95   In Awe of Thy Word
  • FREE Niteline DVD (separately $24.95)


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