Understanding the King James Bible Its Mystery & History Letter By Letter

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Verse Comparison Tracts

New Age Bible Versions tract courtesy of AV Publications

New Age Bible Versions Tract

  • Compares 78 critical Bible verses, showing the perversions in all modern versions, such as the ESV, NIV, NASB, CSB, while proving the purity of the King James Bible.

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New King James Omissions tract courtesy of AV Publications

New King James Version Death Certificate

  • Compares over 200 corrupt NKJV verses with the pure King James Bible. Shows 21 verses in which the NKJV demotes Jesus Christ, several dozen where it follows the Jehovah Witness Version and dozens and dozens where the NKJV supports New Age philosophy.
  • A comparison of 138 words proves the King James Bible is easier to read than the NKJV.

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Why Only the King James Bible

  • Over 100 verse comparisons from the new classic book, In Awe of Thy Word, demonstrate 12 reasons for believing ‘Only the King James Bible’ is the pure word of God for English speakers.
  • Learn how to understand the words in the Holy Bible.
  • Demonstrates errors in the ESV, NIV, TNIV, NKJV, NASB, New Living Translation, and Holman Christian Standard Bible, showing that they do NOT match the pure ancient Holy Bibles written in other languages, as the King James Bible does.

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Look Inside Samples


“Look Inside” Blind Guides:

Critics Answered

  • Riplinger’s detailed and scholarly responses – unanswerable by the skeptics who have dittoed critics such as Hunt, Cloud, James White, Hanagraaff, House, Morey, Passantino, Robert Thomas of Master’s Seminary and S.E. Schnaeter of Bob Jones University.
  • Joining many others, David Cloud finally admits that he published a fake review and that he never even read the book.
Concealed from Christians for the Glory of God The 1611 KJV cover

“Look Inside” Concealed from Christians: