Hazardous Materials: Greek and Hebrew Study Dangers, The Voice of Strangers, Burning Bibles Word by Word

G.A. Riplinger



Exposed are:

  • Strong's Concordance Lexicons
  • Bible Dictionaries by Vine, Zodhiates
  • Word Studies by Vincent, Wuest, Trench
  • Hebrew-English Dictionaries by Brown, Driver, and Briggs
  • Greek-English Dictionaries by Moulton, Thayer, Danker, Liddell
  • Greek and Hebrew texts by Metzger, Aland, Scrivener, Berry, Ginsburg, Green, Robinson, Hodges
  • And all Greek and Hebrew Study Tools and Interlinears
  • 1,200 page encyclopedic hardback, 5 volumes in one!
  • G.A. Riplinger, Internationally-known bestselling author
  • Includes many quite telling never before published photos
  • Reveals the sinister source of words in new bible versions
  • Proves the purity of the King James Bible

THE WAIT IS OVER for the sequel to the international bestseller, New Age Bible Versions, for its quarter of a million readers! For the first time ever, view the authors who brewed the words in corrupt new bible versions, such as the TNIV, NIV, NKJV, ESV, NASB, and HCSB. College president Dr. Norris Belcher said, “This book takes you to the head of the stream, where you will see the men, standing with sticks in hand, stirring up the mud to cloud the pure water of God’s word, the King James Bible.”

QUESTIONING THE WORD OF GOD came first with the serpent’s skeptical query, “Yea, hath God said…?” (Gen.3). Questioning today’s Holy Bible is just as rebellious as questioning ones gender. God did it right the first time. A man-made makeover brings “confusion” and defaces and mutilates God’s creation. Only pride and perversion would propel men to presume that they could improve upon God’s own handiwork. This book will bring Greek and Hebrew study out of the closet for the first time. Tumbling out come the starving skeletons of the authors of Greek and Hebrew study tools, lexicons and editions, the sordid sources from which new versions, such as the NIV, ESV, NKJV, TNIV, NASB, and HCSB take their corrupt words. These are the very same study ‘aids’ which kill a sermon or Bible study when used to ‘define’ a word in the Holy Bible. Lexicon and Bible dictionary authors dug down into the depths of pagan lore, then ransacked the English dictionary to find a match which could burn the Bible word-by-word. The smoke darkens the directing light of the holy scriptures. This book will document that men who want to change and redefine the Holy Bible are likely to want to change anything – even Bible doctrine, their own gender, and their god. For example, Luciferian connections shadow Trench’s New Testament Synonyms and Ginsburg’s TBS Hebrew Masoretic text.

IN THIS BOOK you will learn such things as the connection between new version editor and child molester C.J. Vaughan (whose all ‘boys’ school parades their lewd perversion in one, amongst the many never before published photos in this book) and tools such as Strong’s Concordance, Vine’s Expository Dictionary, the Unitarian J.H. Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon, Moulton’s Lexicon and Vincent and Wuest’s Word Studies. Heresy trials deposed editors of the popular Hebrew-English Lexicon by Brown, Driver, and Briggs and the New Testament Greek-English Lexicon by Frederick Danker. All Greek-English New Testament lexicons plagiarize the first Greek-English lexicon written by Scott and Liddell, who harbored the pedophile author of Alice in Wonderland, who took improper photographs of Liddell’s child and remains a suspect in the Jack the Ripper murder case. The book demonstrates that Greek texts from UBS to TBS fail to reach the perfection of the Holy Bible, where God’s words shall not pass away. Why are good Christians putting aside their inspired Bibles to look for light in conflicting and uninspired Greek & Hebrew tools, made by men who denied its truths?




Chapter 1  “Hazardous Materials” Introduction to Greek and Hebrew Study Dangers..... 11



“Confessions of a Lexicographer” sounds warnings by professional lexicon and Bible dictionary makers themselves.

Chapter 2  “Lexicon Death Certificates ― Signed by the Doctors” Professional insider’s secrets..... 58

Chapter 3  “The 7 Deadly Sins: How Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries Are Made” Plagiarizing the past and paying penance today for the Liddell-Scott Greek-English Lexicon..... 71

Chapter 4 “The Battle: The Spirit vs. The Desires of the Flesh & of the Mind” Secularizing words..... 97

Chapter 5  “Mortal Sins: Living Verbs Wounded in Grammars” exposes the fallacies of current New Testament Greek grammar books.... 121

Chapter 6  “Metzger’s Lexical Aids and Greek Text Are Deadly" Nuggets From the Greek or Fools Gold?..... 136 

Part II  


Greek Lexicons by Members of the Corrupt Westcott-Hort Revised Version Committee of 1881: Strong, Thayer & Scott

Chapter 7   “Strong Delusion” James Strong’s dangerous definitions in the back of his Strong’s    Concordance..... 157

Chapter 8  “Logos Bible Software’s Liddell–Scott Greek-English Lexicon Did Henry Liddell protect ‘Jack the Ripper’ suspect, Alice in Wonderland’s Lewis Carroll (a.k.a. Charles Dodgson)?..... 203

Appendix:   Liddell-Scott Greek-English Lexicon editor Dean Henry Liddell & His Best Fiend* Alice in Wonderland’s Charles Dodgson, alias Lewis Carroll..... 276

Chapter 9   “Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon reflects his Unitarianism; ASV words as definitions..... 328

The Early Corrupters of New Testament Lexicons

Chapter 10   “R. C. Trench: Synonyms of the New Testament exposes this author who uses Blavatsky’s serpent logo..... 358

Lexicons Defending Their Father’s Westcott-Hort Revised Version:

Chapter 11  “Moulton & Milligan’s Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament was co-authored by an editor who thinks Zoroastrianism was a forerunner for Christianity; his son and recent editor Harold K. Moulton was on Metzger's corrupt Greek text committee..... 402


Chapter 12   “Vine’s Expository Dictionary” defines words with RV and ASV words and now has NIV editors. Vine denies that the blood saves.... 417

Chapter 13   “Copycat: Kenneth S. Wuest,” editor of Word Studies From the Greek New Testament admits his definitions were taken directly from the unsavory men who are exposed in this book..... 487

Chapter 14 “Marvin Vincent, Marred and Sin-Bent” His      Word Studies in the New Testament denies the existence of the Devil. A.T. Robertson’s Word Pictures in the New Testament uses corrupt Greek text..... 514


Nazi/Heresy Trial Connection

Chapter 15 “Walter Bauer’s Lexicon” The keywords “Nazi”, “Heresy”, “The Gospel of Judas”, “The DaVinci Code”, and “NIV” describe his work. Bauer thought Christians were heretics..... 535

Chapter 16  “Frederick W. Danker,” editor of A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, was used by NKJV and NIV editors. He was a translator for the Catholic New American Bible and was expelled from his professorship for heresy..... 545



The following chapters will document problems relating to the printed editions of Greek texts, not covered in New Age Bible Versions. (Also see chapter 6 for Metzger’s UBS and NA text.)

Chapter 17 The Textual Heresies of F.H.A. Scrivener” He was a Bible critic and Revised Version Committee member, working under Westcott and Hort. He wanted to omit many crucial parts of the New Testament..... 578

Chapter 18 “The Trinitarian Bible Society’s Little Leaven: Scrivener’s Greek Textus Receptus Chapter exposes this text and Frederick Scrivener, who back-translated the KJB into Greek and also made some unwarranted changes to this Textus Receptus, now published as a so-called edition of Beza; exposes Jay P. Green's Interlinear Bible..... 629

Chapter 19 “Very Wary of George Ricker Berry” demonstrates the problems with his Greek-English Interlinear New Testament which wrongly omits words, a whole verse, and is accompanied by a faulty English interlinear..... 695

Chapter 20 “The Wobble Unorthodox Greek Orthodox Crutch” shows the heresies and textual errors that plague the Greek text preserved by the Orthodox church and wrongly presented as the ‘Majority text’ by Zodhiates, Hodges-Farstad, Pierpoint-Robinson. Exposes heresy of ‘Divine Intimacy’..... 730

Chapter 21  “Zodhiates Byzantine Empire Strikes Back” discloses his corrupt lexicon, which plagiarized NIV editors. Shows his use of a corrupt Greek text..... 797

Chapter 22  “Child Molester on New Version Committee” This and the following chapter reveal for the first time that B.F. Westcott, the editor of the Greek text underlying new versions such as the TNIV, NIV, NRSV, NASB, ESV, and HCSB, opened the door for his old homosexual and pedophile compatriot, C. J. Vaughan, to work closely with him on his RV Committee. These men’s RV English word choices are echoed in Vine’s Expository Dictionary, other lexicons, and all new versions..... 825

Chapter 23  “Moral Hazard: The Pederast on Westcott and Hort’s English Revised Version Translation Committee,” by Dennis Palmu of the North American Conference on British Studies, looks at the perpetrator, his penalty, the cover-up, and his preferment on the RV committee..... 859



Chapter 24  “Gesenius Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon,” by a German Bible critic, is the source of virtually all Hebrew Bible interpretation seen in all new versions and lexicons. Therefore all Hebrew study is cankered with error..... 903

Hebrew Lexicon by Member of the Corrupt Westcott-Hort Revised Version Committee of 1881

Chapter 25  “Brown, Driver, and Briggs Hebrew-English Lexicon” was taken from Gesenius; Briggs's secret meeting with the Catholic hierarchy in Rome (recently revealed by a Harvard University journal) and his trial for heresy are brought to light. Their words are seen in the NIV and all new versions today..... 918

Chapter 26   “Hebrew Summary”..... 963 



Details, which scarcely have seen the light of day, concerning the currently printed editions of the Hebrew text, unfold in two riveting chapters:

Chapter 27  “Hebrew Old Testament Critical Texts details errors in the current Israeli editions and the edition underlying the NKJV, NIV and all new versions, Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, edited under the influence of anti-Semitic critic, Rudolf Kittel..... 968

Chapter 28 “Hebrew Massoretic Old Testament Non-Authoritative Texts” shockingly reveals that C. Ginsburg, editor of the only currently available printed edition of the good Bomberg (so-called Ben Chayyim) Rabbinic Bible and published by the Trinitarian Bible Society, was a follower of the wicked Kabbala and Luciferian Madame Helena P. Blavatsky; exposes Jay P. Green's Interlinear Bible ..... 1005

Chapter 29  “The Occult & Catholic Origin of Greek & Hebrew Focus” exposes Reuchlin, the founder of Greek and Hebrew study, and his use of the wicked Kabbala. Could have been chapter one!..... 1065 



These encouraging, uplifting, and challenging chapters demonstrate God’s provision for the preservation of his inspired words.

Chapter 30  “The Scriptures to All Nations”: Translating Yesterday and Today..... 1093

Chapter 31 "Seven Proofs of the King James Bible's Inspiration"..... 1131

Epilogue:   Includes a summary, an admonition to critics, and a warning..... 1186

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