Action Sixties DVD

Gail Riplinger


4 television programs with Gail Riplinger 'debating' an NIV user

Used successfully in scores of churches as a teaching series to educate members regarding the errors in corrupt new versions. 

One pastor commented that his most hardened new version fan "melted like a popsicle in a microwave" after viewing these 4 programs.

The host of the television program who interviewed Riplinger was a NIV defender when the program began. This made for quite a 'stimulating' discussion! He asked all of typical questions asked by new version advocates.

Riplinger's answers convinced him of the perfection of the KJV and the problems in his NIV. By the end of the program this tender-hearted host was holding up the KJV and was asking when Riplinger could return again to the program.

(4 hour video)

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