Erasmus’ Commentary & Great Bible New Testament (Vol. 1 & 2 Set)



Erasmus: In Print after nearly 500 years

Two volume set includes Volume 1 (Matthew – Acts) and Volume 2 (Romans – Revelation)  

1,880 total pages 


Finest Smith-sewn binding

ERASMUS’ two-volume Commentary on the New Testament  (1548-1549) is finally being printed by A.V. Publications after nearly 500 years of being hidden by the enemy. 

The two titles are:

The first tome or volume of the Paraphrase of Erasmus upon the Newe testamente (Vol. 1 Matthew to Acts)

The second tome or volume of the Paraphrase of Erasmus upon the newe testament (Vol. 2 Romans to Revelation). 

THESE BEAUTIFUL exact photo reproductions of the original English editions are currently limited to 500 collector’s sets.

        Because of its Christ-honoring commentary, the King’s royal Injunction ordered both volumes to be placed for easy public access in all English churches. Later, their anti-Catholic comments drove bloody Queen Mary to seek and destroy all copies. Consequently, original sets are so rare that I know of only one set, other that ours which is kept in a bank vault. They are valued at about $30,000.

       Purchasers will join only 502 people in the world who have this piece of Bible believer’s history. Secular Erasmusian scholars and their Universities do not even have access to these many hidden treasures (except in Jesuit-tampered and typeset modern editions, from which God’s enemies cherry pick words out of context).

      These commentaries have never before been examined and their treasures shared by Bible believers. They will provide tremendous ammunition, just as they did during the Reformation, in battling the false doctrines of Catholicism  and other non-scriptural heresies. Be the first to write a blog or book, sharing your discoveries.

ANOTHER REASON for making this rare document available to the public is to allow readers to actually see the text of the Great Bible of 1539, an historic English Bible used before the King James Bible of 1611.  It will enable the reader to compare the text of the Great Bible to today’s corrupt versions, verifying the faithfulness of the KJB and exposing the corruption and omissions in today’s ESV, NIV, NKJV, and HCSB. Could the reader locate a Great Bible today, it alone would cost between $10,000 and $20,000.

ERASMUS’ CHARACTER has generally been distorted by second-hand slanders. His commentary reveals the godly views of a man God used to print a Greek text that corroborated the extant pure vernacular Bibles of his day and ours. Once his views, written in these 500 copies, are spread widely, the Catholic church will no longer be able to pretend that Erasmus was a Catholic. He was rabidly anti-Catholic.

Because these are exact photographic reproductions of each time-worn original page, its antiquity will bring out the sleuth in you, as you dig for spiritual treasures hiding amongst the antique fonts and get into the swing of reading its handful of unusual letters. Reading the old fonts is like learning to ride a bicycle, first faltering, then flying. A cheat-sheet is included to ease the transition.

One reader of these commentaries commented with much emotion, “These commentaries have helped me grow so much in my Christian walk.” The sweetness of Jesus Christ, his loving comfort, and his call to follow him in our Christian walk has scarcely ever been drafted so well.  

Due to the nature of all items carried by A.V. Publications, returns are not possible.

These commentaries  may never be reprinted again.


THE HEIR of Henry VIII, nine-year-old Prince Edward VI, brought six years of peace and the printing of Bibles once again to England. When crowned King, Edward was given three swords, symbolizing the three countries he ruled. He asked where the fourth sword was, saying, “The Bible, the sword of the Spirit, and to be preferred before these swords.”

Edward VI, “did that which was right in the sight of the Lord,” like godly King Josiah, who began ruling Judah at the age of eight. Like Josiah, he returned “the book of the law in the house of the LORD.” Thirty-one printers in England set about printing only Bibles. He commanded also that “the whole Bible of the largest volume in English and…The Paraphrases of Erasmus” be placed in churches for “every person to read the same as the very lively word of God.”

COVERDALE returned to England in 1548 and was made Chaplain to King Edward VI. He “assisted in the translation” of the Paraphrases of Erasmus. King Edward had decreed before he was poisoned that the next ruler should be Lady Jane Gray, a godly Christian relative. However, his wicked Catholic sister Mary took the crown. In 1554 the reading of Scripture was therefore placed under severe restrictions. To get rid of what the Catholics called, the “heretically translated Bible,” Mary banished every “preacher, printer, bookseller” in 1554. The Great Bibles and Paraphrases of Erasmus were removed from churches and destroyed; yet to glorify his word, the Lord hid a set for this writer’s collection, and for YOU too.