Hush, You Don’t Speak Greek audio CD by Dr. Norris Belcher

by Dr. Norris Belcher


"The most needed sermon in 21st century Christianity!"

Hush, You Don't Speak Greek was first preached on December 30, 2007 in the evening service at the Church of the Open Door in Westminster, Maryland. This amazing sermon has since spread like wildfire across America and countless foreign countries.

Dr. Norris Belcher is devoted to the desire that all English speaking Christians around the world love and trust their King James Bible. Hush, You Don't Speak Greek is a passionate call to pastors and those in the pew to, " hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge."

"We've already got God's preserved, eternal, inspired word, and we have it in the preserved King James Bible...I don't think the King James Version of the Bible is in need of upgrade; I don't think it is in need of correction; I don't think it's in need of simplification; I do not believe that it needs to be reworked; I think the only thing the King James Bible needs is to be reread!"

"You need to stop correcting the Bible and just read your King James Bible and believe what it says."

"This Bible is the word of's time that little, old sinners like you and me...quit questioning the authority of a holy and righteous God who can speak the world into existence. Don't think for a minute that he can't give you a preserved Bible!"

"I submit to you tonight that you don't need Greek in order to understand the Bible. I submit to you that you don't need Hebrew in order to understand the Bible...You don't need anything other than a King James Version of the've got the Bible...God's word has provided it's own method for understand the Bible...the problem is we don't read the Bible!...God's word has provided its own method for comparing spiritual things with spiritual...the Bible has its own built-in dictionary."

"You can trust the words in your English Bible!"

Dr. Norris Belcher has been in the ministry for over 30 years. He is the Senior Pastor at Church of the Open Door in Maryland, one of the largest Baptist churches on the East coast. Dr. Belcher is a popular revival and conference speaker and is a member of the Executive Board for the Sword of the Lord.

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