KJB Critics Answered

G.A. Riplinger


This PowerPoint gives THE BEST answers to the standard criticisms of the KJB. If you have seen any of the anti-KJB web sites and need answers, this will be your best tool. For example, in July of 2009 First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana sponsored a so-called 'KJV Summit' at their Hyles Anderson College. Unfortunately, it promoted many of the standard criticisms and misinformation about the KJB. It was held in response to a revealing letter co-founder Russell Anderson wrote to all students, faculty and graduates. In the letter, Dr. Anderson stated that he was upset because Jack Schaap, the pastor and chancellor of the college stated in his book, Where Are We Going? (and in various sermons) that he did NOT believe in the inspiration of the King James Bible, as did the founder. (Schaap has pleaded guilty and is now in jail for taking a child across state lines for sex. Beware when someone puts a question mark on the Holy Bible (KJB) and does not "tremble" at his word.)

This Presentation or PDF contains 490 PowerPoint studies demonstrating what its author believes are errors made by the 'KJV Summit' speakers in their efforts to prove that the KJB is NOT inspired. The errors are often typical of those used by critics of the KJV and proponents of the new versions. In fact, it appears that the Summit speakers merely copied from anti-KJB books and internet sites. This PowerPoint presentation proves overwhelmingly that such criticisms of the KJB are unfounded. Although, Hyles Anderson College still 'uses' the KJV, like some schools, it appears that it sometimes encourages 'definitions' which upon investigation often prove to be the words in new versions. There are other good colleges which continue to hold to the inspiration of the KJB and avoid teaching Greek or using Greek tools, which too often gives corrupt definitions of KJB words. (Contact AV Publications for a list.)

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