Mayberry Gospel Tract

Gail Riplinger


Glossy 8 1/2 x 11 Trifold

I DESIGNED this new gospel tract for my own use. It has a record thirty-one King James Bible verses in it! After passing out tracts for 37 years I finally wrote and designed one myself that I truly enjoy passing out. It has proven to be fruitful and is always received enthusiastically. 

It reaches people where most of them are, that is, sitting in front of the TV, dreaming of a happier life. I have not watched TV for over 30 years, but I realize that it is the 'pharmacist' where everyone goes to try to cure their blues. Only Jesus can bring us to the real 'fountain of life. '

THE TRACT quickly takes them to the root cause of their troubles, that is, their own secret sins and their penalty. It then takes them to the solution, which is faith in Jesus Christ, who is God manifest in the flesh, by whom all things were made, who became a man, shed his blood, was buried and rose again for their justification…IF they will receive him as their Saviour.

HERE'S HOW the tract came to be. The setting and characters on the old Andy Griffith TV Show were based upon his idyllic home town, 'Mayberry', NC. Thousands upon thousands of tourists annually still swarm the town...sadly looking for the love, joy, and peace they remember from that program. Our family passes out these tracts to these tourists and they eagerly take them.

WHEN I pass these out at public events, I say, “Have you got yours yet?”. Of course, everyone wants to make sure that they get everything that everyone else has gotten! They grab them  and even form lines to get them. Your teenagers have never had such an adrenaline rush.

A TOTAL of 10,000 copies of this tract have been handed personally to someone by myself, my family, or close friends of the ministry. We’ve tested it and it is the most enthusiastically received tract we’ve ever used. Others around the country have had the same great experience. Friends from around the country have joined us and taken these tracts back to their own town, where they were also eagerly received. Many people have asked that we print them for here goes!

A DOZEN merchants in Andy Griffith’s hometown, ‘Mayberry,’ have accepted the free tracts and racks we supply, so the tracts are working, even when we can’t be manning the streets. You can do the same thing in your town.

Although I actually made these tracts just for my family, I’d love to see our readers multiply the seed sown in their part of “all the world.” There is also a space at the end to stamp your church’s contact information.

VERY LARGE volume orders can receive a discount and may have their church's contact information printed on the tract.

JESUS said,

“Also I say unto you, Whosoever shall confess me before men, him shall the Son of man also confess before the angels of God:” (Luke 12:8).

Nothing gives greater joy and satisfaction than offering a gospel tract to others to show them what Jesus Christ has done for us.  All it takes is a sincere smile, followed by friendly comment, such as ‘Have you seen this yet?’ or ‘Here’s a gospel tract that explains how to be saved through Jesus Christ.’

JESUS said, “…Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”  (Mark 16:15-16). Yet how many “Go”?  A good first step would be to ‘go’ to those who cross our path daily, such as the mailman, the checkout girl at Wally's Service Station Station, or the waitress at Barney's Blue Bird Diner.

A TRACT can easily be slipped in the envelope when we pay our bills. Giving a gospel tract is the easiest method for those who are just beginning to witness for Jesus Christ. But it is not easy to find a gospel tract with enough scriptures to explain the gospel in this post-Christian era. Who is Jesus Christ? Why must we be saved…and saved from what? Have you given your barber a tract?

A FAMILY friend and distinguished businessman, who lives in Atlanta GA, asked the Lord if he’d help him pass out a certain number of tracts every week of his life. Every week the Lord gives him different ideas. He gets in his car and says, ‘OK Lord…where this week?’ He’s in his mid 80s. He’s passed them out fearlessly at 'certain' parades, at ‘Episcopalian’ conventions, and on and on the stories go. Who could say 'No' to a white-haired gentleman in a three piece suit whose face literally glows with the love of God.

ASK THE LORD to help you pass out 50 of these tracts. If you are too shy, you could mail them out. You will have fruit that remains, put a smile on the Lord’s face, and have a reward in heaven for obeying the call to “Go…”. You will never have so much fun.

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