The Collected Works of Dr. Alan O’Reilly, with Answering James White’s King James Only Controversy

by Dr. Alan O’Reilly


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This e-book or CD-ROM contains the life’s work of Dr. Alan O’Reilly of Great Britain. The CD has over 2,000 8.5 by 11 searchable pages – a virtual

encyclopedia of KJB information. His writings are a superb blend of the spiritual (You will smile, laugh, and be blessed!) and the academic

(He is a retired professor from a noted British university.). The CD-ROM covers just about every question that has ever been asked about the KJB.

O’Reilly soundly answers the foolish charges of two traitors, D.A. Waite and Kirk DiVietro, who have recently flaunted their denial of the inspiration

of the KJB and have impishly impugned the character of those who defend it. Dr. Ruckman included O’Reilly’s book ‘O Biblios’ (included on this ebook and CD) on his list of the fifty best books of all time. The following titles of his writings and presentations are included on the e-book and CD:


1 of 3: AV1611 Presentations

1.) AV1611 Salvation vs NIV Damnation: The NIV subverts key verses on individual salvation

2.) AV1611 Salvation vs NIV Damnation Verse Comparison: Pre and post-1611 Bibles comparison

3.) AV1611 vs Rome’s Post-1611 Attacks: Rome hates the AV1611 and persuades Christians likewise

4.) O Biblios Overview: The AV1611 is “all scripture...given by inspiration of God” 2 Timothy 3:16

5.) The Great Bible Robbery: Graphic summary of the AV1611 vs the Jesuit version, aka the NIV

6.) The KJB Story – 1611-2011 Abridged: A big subject covering a lot of ground in a short space

7.) The KJB Story – 1611-2011 Abridged Appendix: Combating the legion: “we are many” Mark 5:9


AV1611 Summaries

1.) AV1611 Tract: Thees, thous, different editions, bogus ‘improvements’ and the invulnerable anvil.

2.) Bible Article The Perfect KJB: X marks the spot where Fundamentalists, Rome, Watchtower unite

 Bible Reading Charts: Hopefully of some practical value, they are to this author ☺

4.) Cry of Sodom: Genesis 18:20 vs the modern version paedophile protection society.

5.) English Reformation to Last Days Apostasy: Watch it explode after the AV1611 purification.

6.) Matthew 11 AV1611 vs 1984 NIV: The kingdom is no longer “forcefully advancing”! It never was.

7.) Pocket Testament WW1: Remember the brave ones gone. They had good witnesses back then.

8.) Purification of the Lord Words: A seven-stage three-fold process, Psalm 12:6, 7, to today’s AV1611

9.) Seven Aspects of ‘the Greek’/‘in the Greek’: Twin studies on 7 reasons to keep the AV1611 English

10.) The Ethiopian Eunuch’s Testimony...“The people answered him not a word” 1 Kings 18:21

11.) The Royal Law: James 2:8, the British Throne, the Offended Party. Despise them at your peril

 The KJB Story – Graphics: For Powerpoint!


 AV1611 Treatises

1.) O Biblios – The Book: The AV1611 vs an academic antagonist steeped in ‘the Greek’

2.) O Biblios Summary Overview: AV1611 ascension followed by End Times apostasy writ large


2 of 3: AV1611 Answers to More Bible Critics (James White and Wolf)

1.) KJO James White Review Full Text: Answering James White’s King James Only Controversy

2.) White’s 7 Errors: James White is wrong seven times in a row, not the AV1611

3.) The Old Latin and Waldensian Bibles: Countering the charge that they are from Jerome’s Vulgate

4.) NKJV Criticisms 01/02: Countering NKJV corruptions put forward to ‘improve’ the AV1611

5.) Twist and Curl – Your Fiendly Neighbourhood Bible Corrupters: Not a misspelling!

6.) Grievous Wolf Bible Corrector Errors: Originals-onlyist John Wolf is wrong, not the AV1611

7.) Grievous Wolf KJB Questions: Answering John Wolf’s 67 unanswerable questions to ‘KJ-onlyists’


3 of 3: AV1611 Answers to Dean Burgon Society (Executive Committee) Bible Critics

1.) D. A. Waite Response: To Donald Waite’s book A Warning!!  attacking Hazardous Materials

2.) K. DiVietro Response: To Kirk DiVietro’s book Cleaning-Up Hazardous Materials