The Method & the Message Matter Audio CD

by Bryn Riplinger Shutt


THIS CD is the audio of Bryn Riplinger's one hour radio interview about The Seven Principles of Godly Music, with Noah Hutchings of the nationally syndicated Southwest Radio Church Ministries.  

The Seven Principles of Godly Music include:

  1. God's music will bring life and health to the body, soul, and spirit.
    2. God's music will be a new song, not an old worldly song.
    3. God's music will emphasize the melody, not the harmony or rhythm.
    4. God's music will contain scripture references that teach and admonish.
    5. God's music will be spiritual, not sensual.
    6. God's music will praise God, and not draw attention to the singer or musical styling.
    7. God's music will be sung and played by Christians who live by the book.

Included is information on:

  • the physical effects of music
  • the degenerative trends in modern Christian music
  • the history of the battle over music
  • and much more!
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