Which Bible is God’s Word?

Gail Riplinger


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THE BOOK answers:

How do the new versions change the gospel and destroy basic Christian doctrines such as the deity of Christ and the Trinity?

How do new versions support New Age, Catholic, and liberal views? What man, who “laid the ground-work” for the NASB, has renounced it ? What NIV stylist admits she is a lesbian?

What is wrong with the New King James (NKJV), KJ21, and others which claim to merely update the KJV?

Why isn’t it safe to define words using Bible softnd Hebrew lexicons, like Strong’s Concordance?


THE BESTSELLING BOOK, Which Bible Is God’s Word, has  been EXPANDED by 50% and thoroughly UPDATED since the original radio program. Over 200,000 copies of the original book have been sold.

  • It was originally published in 1994 as a transcript of a series of nationally broadcast radio interviews done by Noah Hutchings with author, Gail Riplinger. In these programs listeners’ questions about modern versions of the Bible were answered and the King James Bible was held up as THE Holy Bible for the English speaking world.  
  • The programs were broadcast on over 80 radio stations worldwide. The original  is also available as an audio book from AV Publications' web site  (https://www.avpublications.com).

The original book was used as a textbook by one of the nation’s largest Christian Colleges. It was also translated into Korean.

Much updated information has been added in this edition.

  • It includes a discussion of Greek and Hebrew lexicons and printed editions, as well as an expose´ of James Strong, editor of Strong’s Concordance. His participation in the corrupt Westcott and Hort Revised Version of 1881 and the American Standard Version of 1901 is documented, as well as his introduction of corrupt RV/ASV words into his Greek and Hebrew lexicon.
  • This new edition discusses the newest corrupt bible versions such as the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), Today’s New International Version (TNIV) and the English Standard Version (ESV). It also includes an expanded discussion of the Amplified Bible.
  • New important insights are included about the NASB and its rejection by S. Franklin Logsdon, former Moody Memorial Church pastor who said he “laid the groundwork” for the NASB.
  • The updated edition also points out how the NKJV matches the Koran and how its publisher is now printing scintillating book covers.
  • A detailed history of the word ‘servant,’ and its new version corruption ‘slave,’ is now included.
  • Also included are insights into the common error which calls agapē, God-like love and philĕō, brotherly love.
  • Wycliffe and Coverdale’s views about inspired translations are included.
  • Questions and answers have been detailed and expanded by fifty-percent. Footnotes and a comprehensive index are added to answer questions quickly.

ABOUT THE COVER of Which Bible Is God’s Word?

Unbelievable Discoveries about the Bible seen in Nature...

Which Bible is Gods Word cover flower

THE COVER photograph was inspired by the Smithsonian Institute photographer who discovered pictorial images God has placed within orchids and butterflies.   

Riplinger’s photo of the Phalaenops orchid captures God’s picture of “the Spirit of God descending like a dove” (Matt. 3) over the blood sprinkled Holy Bible. “[H]e took the blood...and scarlet wool...and sprinkled...the book...Saying, This is the blood of the testament…” Heb. 9. 

The “gold” “ark of God dwelleth within curtains” of “purple, and scarlet” with “wings over the place of the ark” with “the two tables” “which Moses put therein”  (Ex. 25-27, 35-36, 2 Chron. 5:8-10, 2 Sam. 7:2). These curtains reminds us that they “clothed him in purple.” Also seen are the “rams’ horns before the ark of the LORD,” which “bud forth” Ezek 29 and Josh. 6.   

Which Bible is Gods Word cover flower side

THE KING JAMES BIBLE is a blood sprinkled book, with the word “blood” appearing over 440 times. The corrupt new versions, including the NIV, NKJV, HCSB, NASB, ESV, The Message, and the New Living Translation omit the word blood at least 23 to 174 times!


44 Questions Answered in Which Bible Is God's Word?

  1. Why only the King James Bible?...page 7
  2. Omitted verses and corrupt versions…page 9
  3. Gospel corrupted in new versions…page 10
  4. New Age readings in new versions…page 14
  5. Verse comparison on a single page…page 20
  6. New Age Bible Versions overview…page 21
  7. NKJV (New King James Version) errors…page 22
  8. Copyright laws make all new versions more difficult to read…page 33
  9. Catholic readings in new versions…page 36
  10. More Roman Catholic readings in new versions…page 38
  11. NIV (New International Version) lesbian stylist…page 43
  12. NASB (New American Standard) renounced by Moody Memorial Church pastor who said  “he laid the groundwork” for NASB. His nephew now gives family insights…page 44
  13. Amplified Bible…page 49
  14. Lord’s Prayer corrup-ted…page 51
  15. KJV matches pure Greek; new versions match corrupt Greek…page 54
  16. New Greek editor, F.J.A. Hort, admits changes…page 60
  17. Barriers to discernment…page 61
  18. Servants vs. slaves…page 68
  19. Bible Dictionaries…page 70
  20. Strong’s Concordance definitions = ASV delusions…page 72
  21. New versions: dumb spirit, haughty spirit, and the spirit of fear…page 93
  22. Dead Sea Scroll deception…page 100
  23. Catholic readings in the Vatican’s Greek manu-script…page 104
  24. French, German and Italian Bibles…page105
  25. Geneva Bible…page 106
  26. Septuagint is corrupt A.D. manuscript…page 108
  27. Fornication vs. immorality…page 110
  28. Division caused by new versions…page 112
  29. Spiritual conspiracy and cultic characteristics…page 118
  30. New version omissions are not wholesale…page 119 
  31. KJV precision: ye vs. you…page 122
  32. Spiritual void caused by new versions…page 123
  33. Greek grammar errors in new versions…page 127
  34. Dangers of Greek and Hebrew lexicons…page 128
  35. Greek and Hebrew critical editions…page 135
  36. Spiros Zodhiates’s study aids…page 147
  37. Inspiration & the English Holy Bible…page 148
  38. Deceived ‘good’ men?...page 151
  39. Critics proven wrong…page 154
  40. Pastors and humility…158
  41. Author’s background update…page 159
  42. Prayer and fasting omitted in new versions…page 162
  43. Contact information…page 163
  44. Index: Searching resources…page164

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