Greek Textus Receptus Hardback (Scrivener’s)



Greek only.

It is very useful in showing that the corrupt Greek text underlying the NIV, NASB, ESV, and HCSB does not follow the traditional Greek text, to which the KJV translators had access. It is easy to use to show new version users that the missing words in their ‘bibles’ ARE in the original Greek. You do not even have to be able to read Greek well to spot the words Jesus Christ, missing in new versions.

(This is the Greek text published the Trinitarian Bible Society. Most people are unaware that it was a back-translation of the KJV in the main, done by RV member, Scrivener. Why would we go back to it to ‘correct’ the KJV, when it is merely a Greek translation of the KJV, except for a few of Scrivener’s “personal interpretations”! It cannot be used to ‘correct’ the KJV because Scrivener made a few changes of his own (hmmmm) to this Greek text in a few tiny places. (For those places see the two chapters exposing Scrivener in  Riplinger’s Hazardous Materials: Greek and Hebrew Study Dangers, and Scrivener Greek New Testament 1908, p. 1094 Appendix, ). We do not sell Greek Textus Receptus interlinears (such as Green’s or Berry’s. They use a generally (not completely) correct Greek text, but follow a faulty lexicon to create their ‘so-called’ literal interlinear translation.)