PowerPoint Lessons of New Age Bible Versions

G.A. Riplinger


There are 91 PowerPoint slides in this presentation on CD-ROM. (You do not need to have PowerPoint software on your computer to use it.)

  • You can use this to convince any tender-hearted Christian that the NIV, NKJV, NASB and all modern versions are corrupt. 
  • Hundreds and hundreds of verse comparisons clearly show that the King James Bible is pure, complete and easy to understand. It demonstrates that modern version omit or corrupt  many words and are actually more difficult to understand.

  • Pastors and teachers can use it to teach the material in New Age Bible Versions to fellow Christians who are too busy to read the book.
  • Individuals can  teach others using their computer or laptopThis presentation is self-explanatory and can even be used by someone who has not read New Age Bible Versions. It includes many of the charts from the book.
  • The PowerPoint presentation was taken from the material on the transparencies shown on the Transparent Translation video (DVD). It enables anyone to give that presentation themselves. (The DVD  of Dr. Riplinger's  2 1/2 hour presentation can be purchased under "Riplinger TV & Radio Lectures," which is the second category.)
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