Septuagint: A Critical Analysis

by Dr. Floyd Jones


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The faulty readings in new versions are sometimes based on the so-called 'Septuagint.' It purports to be a Greek rendition of the Hebrew Old Testament, done before Christ (B.C.)  In truth, all of the critical editions of 'the' Septuagint' in print today are taken from the corrupt A.D. documents, Vaticanus (4th century A.D.) and Alexandrinus (5th century A.D.). Read the preface to any edition of the Septuagint to document this.

New versions advocates say that Jesus quoted from the Greek Septuagint. They are unaware that Origen fixed his 'bible' so that his Old Testament matched his corruptions of the New Testament. (For details see New Age Bible Versions for a complete history of Origen.  See also page 685 of New Age Bible Versions for a complete listing of reasons why Septuagint readings are corrupt.)

 Dr. Jones has done a most exhaustive study, showing all of the problems in all Septuagint editions.