Traitors, Heady, Highminded: D.A. Waite Denies KJB Inspiration

G.A. Riplinger



…from such turn away” (2 Tim. 3:4) by G.A. Riplinger

D.A. WAITE denies the inspiration of our Holy Bible, makes his Dean Burgon Society members sign a document stating that they will never refer to our English Holy Bible as 'inspired.' In his most recent 'talk,' he states that our King James Bible should not be called "pure," nor should it be called "perfect." He promotes a new book which denies “Perfection of Translation.” He writes to others, chiding good men who believe in inspiration, specifically Dr.Mickey Carter, Dr. Jeff Fugate, and Gail Riplinger. The Bible warns of men who have "crept in unawares." Judas was able to betray our Saviour, because he was one of the disciples.

WAS he motivated to deny our Holy Bible’s inspiration by his association with the revision of the KJB, called The Easy Reading KJB, which his son, who created The Defined King James Bible, worked on? Do the definitions in his son’s Defined King James Bible sometimes match the heresy and error in new versions? Were these errors caused, in part, by his son’s use of secularized modern English Dictionaries and the corrupt lexicons of Thayer, Brown, Driver, and Briggs? This e-book on CD-ROM answers all of these questions and more.

D.A. WAITE's denial of the inspiration of our King James Bible no doubt stems from his years of using corrupt lexicons, and particularly from his blind adherence to the Trinitarian Bible Society's slightly tainted Scrivener Greek New Testament and Ginsburg Old Testament, which he sells (See the N.T. preface and the O.T. preface a few pages from the end). When viewed through such specked glasses, it is no wonder his Holy Bible looks less than inspired.

Waite’s ‘Bible For Today’ newsletter (BFT Update) has begun an attack on those who believe their Holy Bible is inspired. Because a scriptural dissertation, proving our Bible is not inspired, cannot be written, he has resorted to childish harassment and malicious personal accusations. Because Hazardous Materials so soundly proved that, in the minutae, their Scrivener/Ginsburg Greek and Hebrew editions, are faulty, he has scrambled rabidly, grasping any straw to keep people from reading the new book.

The "falling away" is in full swing.

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