What About the Word Easter?

by Dr. Norris Belcher


Is Easter the correct translation in Acts 12:4? Many say that the King James translators were wrong to use the word 'Easter'; thereby claiming that this is an error in the KJV.

This latest series of sermons from Dr. Norris Belcher of Church of the Open Door answers the critics' question 'What About the Word Easter in the KJV'? Dr. Belcher presents the evidence for the validity of using the word 'Easter' in his thought provoking, dynamic manner.

Dr. Norris Belcher has been in the ministry for over 30 years. He is the Senior Pastor of Church of the Open Door in Maryland, one of the largest Independent Baptist churches on the East coast. Dr. Belcher is a popular revival and conference speaker and is a member of the Executive Board for the Sword of the Lord.

Also see Riplinger’s The Dictionary Inside the King James Bible, pp 79-81 for the Bible’s own definition of Easter. These sample pages are available free by clicking on the Look Inside pages of the book.

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