A History of the Debate Over 1 John 5:7-8


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A History of the Debate Over 1 John 5:7-8 by Michael Maynard 

Best defence of the received text and the Trinitarian proof text, 1 John 5:7, 8.

CD-ROM with PDF file or eBook of the entire book allows you to read or print out the book on your computer.

This treasure is out of print. We have correspondence from the author asking us if we would publish it. We are the only ones to whom the author gave permission to copy it in this its last and present form. Unfortunately the author has passed away, so the edits which he discussed with us will never be done by his expert hand. Evidently, the Lord thought that he had finished his course and agrees with us that the book is ‘finished.’

 If you want to really understand the history of the Bible, this is THE book to read. Its history of documents  is original and closer to the truth than many. It is KJB 101 for the debater.

The author, Michael Maynard, studied in Germany under the leading researchers of today. His Masters of Library Science degree studies taught him how to do real research, not the typical copying from other books.

Riplinger says,

“If I could recommend only three books outside of the Bible they would be Maynards History of the Debate over 1 John 5:7:8, Ruckman’s “Errors” in the KJV, and Bouw’s Bible Problems. These books teach one how to think about the Bible and its history, not what to think.”