Hazardous Materials PowerPoint


KJB Inspiration vs Greek and Hebrew Study Tools Which Cause Doubt

439 PowerPoint slides on CD-Rom (with both PowerPoint and PDF files); each demonstrating why the King James Bible is inspired. This is an exhaustive and detailed presentation, expanding upon chapter 31 of Dr. Riplinger's new book Hazardous Materials.

Recently various traitors, such as D.A. Waite's Bible for Today and Dean Burgon Society, as well as Jack Schaap of Hyles Anserson College, have come out adamently AGAINST the inspiration of our beloved English Holy Bible. It is crucial that this defense of the inspiration of the KJB be presented in churches that still hold tightly to the scriptures. A thorough analysis is given of 2 Tim. 3:16  ("All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable...").  

(In addition, many portions of this PowerPoint were presented by AV Publications' evangelist, Stephen Shutt, and are available on the DVD King James Bible Inspiration.)

To view or present these slides, you must have a PDF reader (free download at Adobe.com) or PowerPoint on your computer. 

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